My policy on making my research available

In my opinion, the research I’ve carried out is in the public interest and, as such, goes far beyond my personal interests. That’s why, in the long term, I’d like to make all my publications (books, articles and videos) available online free of charge.

I’m driven by a sincere desire to share knowledge that I believe is very useful for better understanding our history, our origins and our beliefs.

That’s why I’m going to try, as far as possible, to put my books online in the form of articles, segmenting the chapters.

That’s what I’ve already started to do:

To access it go to : READ ONLINE

I’ll try to do what I can in this respect, but it will certainly be much easier for me to send you a complete digital book in your language.

I would therefore encourage you to read digital books.

Apart from the assurance of reading each book in its entirety and supporting me in my research work, there are other major reasons for this:

The digital book’s table of contents gives instant access to the part of the book that interests you.

The other reason, which is probably even more important, is that my essays will contain numerous references and footnotes in support of the arguments developed in the text, and the digital book has the major advantage of allowing immediate access to the notes and references via hypertext links. This makes reading and browsing much easier.

Hieroglyphic images are also present in digital books, which is not the case for online articles, as it is far too time-consuming to insert them manually one by one. I can only mention the logograms or transliterations of the hieroglyphs.

This is also one of the reasons why paper books are such a challenge, as the insertion of hieroglyphs makes the layout much more complex.

Digital books are also one of the only three ways I can get paid for my research work.

The second way is to make a donation to support the content creators, as I explain on my Tipeee donation page below:

I also intend to seek all possible forms of sponsorship to support me in carrying out and finalising this Dantesque project, and above all to enable me to speed up the production of all my publications and their translations (books, videos, articles…) and their free distribution to as many people as possible.

The third source of future income I expect to support me is You Tube advertising revenue.

I hope that the combination of these three distinct sources of income will eventually enable me to devote much more time to finalising this project, while at the same time allowing free and unlimited access to these materials via : READ ON-LINE to all those who cannot afford to buy a digital book or make a donation, however small.

What everyone can do, however, is subscribe to my Facebook and Youtube pages!


Finally, please bear in mind that if I make important parts of my books available on this site, free of charge and as far as possible, this does not mean that they are in the public domain. I remain, for the time being at least, the sole owner of my copyright, and as such I ask you, at the very least, to acknowledge the fruits of my labor, as, for example, through possible quotations if you were to mention part of my work in your own writings.

And, as the time-honoured phrase goes:

The French Intellectual Property Code prohibits copies or reproductions for collective use. Any representation in whole or in part by any process whatsoever without the consent of the author or his successors in title is unlawful and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy your reading and thank you in advance for your support!