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The dictionary of symbols of prehistoric and ancient mythological religion


In this tab you’ll find all the symbols used in mythological language (around 500), with explanations of the polysemous meaning and contextual nuances of each. Each explanation will be demonstrated in a complementary way, using both comparative mythology and the etymology of the Sumerian and Hieroglyphic languages, which were originally used by the high priesthood of the original mythological religion to charge mythological symbols with their profound double meaning. This page will be organized in alphabetical order, even if segmented by major categories of meaning. If you’ve read the “series structure and book content” tab, you’ll have understood that this page is the Internet version of the paper book, volume 3, entitled: The Bible of the symbols of prehistoric and ancient mythological religion.

The different symbols of the primordial divinized man

The different symbols of the divinized primordial mother