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"Religious movements" bimonthly newsletter. Mr Blandre. Director of publication. History professor

My latest book, entitled “Deciphering the language of the caves” (which demonstrates that the rock paintings (animals and signs) of the Upper Paleolithic correspond to the proto-Sumerian ideographic language).

Deciphering the language of the caves

was the subject of an exhaustive reading and synthesis on pages 19 to 24 of the September October issue.

I invite you to consult it here:

“Religious movements” bimonthly newsletter. September October 2023

Following this publication, I simply contacted Mr BLANDRE to rectify his point of view on my personal beliefs:

In fact, he has unfortunately concluded from my writings that I am part of what he calls esotericism, and that I have denied my initial Christian faith.

Which is a mistake because I am (and have remained) a Christian.

The fact that my research has led me to pinpoint the true nature of the original prehistoric religion does not mean that I subscribe to it.

I simply try, when I get to the heart of the matter, the analysis, to always present the material in a neutral, academic way, a neutrality that may lead the reader to think that I’m supporting the mythological vision rather than the biblical version.

It is only in the introductions or conclusions of my books or website that I state my beliefs and my personal choice or point of view. I hope they’re clear enough to understand that I’m a Christian at heart, in life and in spirit, even if, once again, I’m trying to totally disregard my point of view in the development of the books*, their respective subjects.

There are other things to oppose to Mr BLANDRE’s observation and analysis, but I don’t want to polemicize here. I’m convinced that my writings will gradually speak for me.

Our exchanges continue in a very cordial manner, and I’ll no doubt be making a right of reply on this matter of my personal faith, at the beginning of 2024, in a future edition of the newsletter. Apart from that, this article is quite laudatory about me, for which I thank Mr. BLANDRE, as for his interest in my research and his obvious sincere effort to synthesize the fruit of my, let’s say, quite substantial work.