Equity crowdfunding: my thanks to all my sponsors

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Under my policy of making my research available in the form of books, articles and videos, which I invite you to reread at this link:

My policy on making my research available

This means making all my work available to as many people as possible, regardless of colour, race, creed, social class and, as far as possible, language (my site aims to be fully translated into 10 languages); and to grant me only 3 means to try and ensure a minimum of financial autonomy to speed up my production and distribute it more widely:

Selling digital books


Advertising revenues from my You tube channel

This page, as its name suggests, is dedicated to thanking by name all my sponsors around the world who, through various platforms (notably Quickstarter), have helped to support me and without whom, without any doubt, I would not have been able to do everything in the short time I have left.

Please find below the list, in alphabetical order, of all my sponsors and donors, with a huge thank you from me for their trust and support:

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